Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ain't nobody got time for that

I've felt pretty busy lately.  Had about 2 weeks off from work, but still felt busy.  Holidays were good.  The parents came to visit.  I bought a fake tree.  I've also been a little sick, so really trying to take it easy.  Not looking forward to the coming couple months at work.  Seems cray busy.   Did some cool things recently; got some pics.

Northern Lights over Anchorage
I really wish I had my tripod for this night..

Quick hike out to Byron Glacier
Watch out for falling through the ground.  Twice.

Cool ice arches

My portrait skills are improving..

I photographed this bear I found out in the wilderness.


This wolf is the best wolf


That's all for now, no big updates.  Climbing is good.  I'm leaving Anchorage tomorrow and will be out of town through the end of Feb.  Work stuff.  Should be good though.  Get my tan on.