Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Early Retirement

I love my free time!  Yesterday I did some tubing down the river for my bro's birthday, and today we went mountain biking at the somewhat new Rocky Knob.  It was killer fun.  This was my first mountain biking experience, and I had a really good time.  The beginner loop is the only one open right now, but it is super fun, and I'm not in any shape to be doing anything more advanced.  Even though it's a pretty short loop, it has some pretty techy spots and a super fun downhill at the end!  I definitely recommend it to anyone who has any interest in biking.  My bro got a GoPro Hero for his bday, so we took some vids and it looks pretty sick!  I'll post it up as soon as he gets it online.  Until then, here is a video of Perspective, as promised.   Thanks to Zack for putting this together so quickly.   And Josh's name is spelled Shepherd.

A New Problem in Boone from Zack Silberman on Vimeo.