Sunday, October 26, 2014

Only getting younger

Not actually getting younger.  Actually feeling quite old these days.  My fingers always hurt.

Just got back from Nevada.  Turns out it didn't really snow while i was gone.  Temps are prime and climbs are dry!  Rather than do anything useful with my Sunday, i went climbing up at Hatcher Pass.  Daylight is becoming increasingly scarce here, so i only had one problem on my list.
Drive By is the most accessible climb out at Hatcher.  It sits about ten feet off the road (which is usually open).  The road was closed for some wimpy snowfall, so it took about 30 minutes to hike/jog out to the boulder.  Anyway, it's about the best piece of granite i've seen in AK.  It also has a good landing, so it's perfect for a solo sesh.  The stand start is supposed to go at v10 i guess.  Apparently i have no idea how to judge grades anymore.  The stand took a handful of goes to stick the crux and the rest wasn't so bad.  The sit adds just enough movement to make the crux quite difficult.  i need to try to take a day of work this week to go back out and finish the sit!

 Climbing is fun.

Nothing useful

i have an insane amount of catching up to do.  Not all that much climbing, but some cool experiences nonetheless.  And some climbing.  Things have been a lil weird since moving to alaska.  It's very far away from everything.  Everything.  It's difficult to find motivation in a place like that. The gym is ok at best, but the people are psyched.  That helps some.  Still, it isn't like it was back in NC.  And the season is short.  i'm in Nevada at the moment and ak will be trashed with snow by the time i get back.  Nevada is quite nice at the moment.  Hot for climbing, but a welcome change from the damp chill of anchorage.  i've been super busy with work, but today was a welcome reprieve.  i've been controlling f-15's all week, but they cancelled their sortie today.  So i got to climb.  It was quite dope, but i didn't have a crash pad.

That's ok though, the dinner of champions prepared me well for the coming day

i did a cool v7 called Bubble Butt and then went to try monkey bar direct.  

 One fall on that thing and my elbow smashed a rock pretty good. i decided to wait for someone else to come along and try it so i could bum some pads.    It didn't take long before 6 or 7 people showed up (with pads).  Feeling much more comfortable, I sent in 2 more goes.  Managed to flash a couple of variations in the boulder too.  Oh, and Alex Johnson and Kati Peters were there (Kati Peters is a total babe btw..).  And i've got a crazy long day ahead, and posting from a phone is crap.  i promise i'll catch up at come point.  Peace..